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6 Tips to Protect Your Floors When Moving

Feb 14

6 Tips to Protect Your Floors When Moving

We all know that moving can be especially painful on our backs or knees. What about our homes though? It is important to remember that they also suffer from a lot of pain. the floor has the highest-trafficked area.

It's also one of the most challenging and expensive parts to repair if any significant damage was to occur. You want to make sure your hardwood flooring or luxury carpeting doesn't get damaged. These are 6 tips to protect your floors in the event of a major move.

1. Measure before you Move

The fact that heavy furniture can be difficult to move, and you often have to do so through narrow spaces or doors, is what makes relocations so challenging. Think about it: Most accidents occur when heavy loads are carried, slippery hands and passageways are restricted. It is obvious that accidents are often caused by slippery hands, heavy loads, and narrow passages.

Measure everything, from your furniture to windows and doors to the distance from walls. This will let you know if your piece is compatible before you run into a problem.

2. High Traffic Areas

Cleaning different floors can be more difficult than others. It is best to cover areas that are most frequented to prevent damage and dirt. The most damage will be to entrances, hallways, and stairs. Therefore, make sure you get high-quality covers.

The type and style of flooring will determine which protective cover is most appropriate. Laminate, wood, and tile floorings can be protected with area rugs, cardboard, or floor runners. If carpets cannot be rolled up or removed completely, you will need some plastic carpet masking.

Whatever cover you choose to use, secure it so they don’t slip and move when people are walking on them.

3. Protective Accessories are worth the investment

Most people skip this step believing it's an unnecessary expense and won’t do much to prevent future damage. Big mistake! Protection accessories such as furniture pads and sliders are vital if your floors are to be protected.

You can use them with almost any furniture without legs. They are especially helpful with heavier items. If you have a limited budget you can DIY furniture sliders. Put pieces of fabric or thick cardboard under your furniture to secure them. Keep your floors clean and avoid dragging items. This will not only ensure maximum protection, but it will also protect your health.

4. You need the right equipment for moving

Yuma is a city where every task can be made easier by having the right tools. When moving furniture, you will want to preserve its original condition. Hand trucks with rubber wheels can help.

You might wonder if you should invest in these tools if you only intend to use them one or two times. The good news? You don't need to. If you don’t feel like buying them, you could rent them from an office or mover. Ask your friends and family to lend you theirs.

5. The Professionals Can Help You Protect Your Floors While Moving

A professional mover is the best way for you to protect your floors as well as your sanity during the moving process. Professional movers are equipped with the right equipment, supplies, personnel, and experience to manage any type of relocation.

Some movers may damage your property. It's important to do some research on Arizona moving companies if you want to find everything you need for your relocation. If you are worried about your floors, this is a good option.

6. Prepare for the Weather

Weather is one of the most important things to consider when you plan to relocate. You and your assistants will not be capable of taking your shoes off every time you enter the home. Dirty and moist floors are your greatest enemies.

Schedule your move when it is pleasant, if possible. 

To protect your floor during the move you only need a little bit of planning and a lot of nagging. All jokes aside you need to tell everyone helping you that you want them to be more careful about preventing damage to your floors.


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