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Midland Master Carpet Cleaners' 5 RUG CLEANING Tips

Feb 14

Midland Master Carpet Cleaners' 5 RUG CLEANING Tips

When was the last cleaning of your large area rug? Recently? Ever? Rug cleaning is crucial to keep your rug looking its best.

Rugs are highly sought-after for their unique decorative features, making them difficult to replace. They can also be costly, making them a substantial investment in your house. They may be treasured possessions or family heirlooms.

For a rug's longevity and appearance to last, it is vital that you treat them with the best care. Expert rug cleaning, such as for these reasons, is a necessity and not a luxury.

Your rugs' cleanliness will be protected and maintained for as long a time as possible. Our rug clean experts have shared five ways to keep your rugs in the finest condition.

Step 1 Keep an eye out for your air filters

Although it may seem counterintuitive, your rug's work is very important. They trap dirt and dust and keep them from getting into your home. It is possible to reduce the workload of your rugs by regularly changing and cleaning your HVAC system's filter. Your rugs will not be affected by dirt or dust particles if they are well-maintained.

Step 2

Doormats are used to stop dirt from being tracked into your house. If you don't have indoor or outdoor mats, this simple step could significantly reduce the dirt that is tracked into your rugs.

Most people provide guests and their families with a place where they can wipe their shoes. However, you can take it one step further and encourage them not to wear their shoes at all. This practice is widespread in many cultures. Shoes can be a source of all kinds and undesirable substances that are harmful to your environment.

Step 3 Vacuum at most once weekly

Vacuuming will prevent dirt and dust particles from getting stuck to your rugs. You can also prolong their life span, and make it much easier to deep clean them. Vacuuming will also help to maintain a clean home. You should always inspect the bag and filter of your vacuum before performing this chore. Without this, your efforts could prove ineffective.

Step 4: Treat stains properly

Stains are often a terrible thing to deal with, especially if there are children or pets involved. Being prepared for an accident can save you a lot of pain later.

First, make sure you deal with any stains immediately. It is more difficult to get rid of stains if you wait for them to set. Second, don't rub the stain. Instead, use a paper towel or white cloth to gently blot the stain. You may end up with dye transfer. You can partner with a professional rug cleaning company to remove stubborn stains.

Step 5 Do a thorough cleaning each year

A professional should clean your rug once a year. This is to reach deep-seated dirt and dust within the rug fibers. Do not use traditional methods like steam cleaning for rug cleaning.

Midland Master Carpet Cleaners recognizes that rug dyes and delicate fibers can be damaged by excessive moisture. Our advanced rug cleaning technique makes use of the power and benefits of carbonation for exceptional cleaning without the side effects of steam cleaning.

This is HOT COMBINATION (HCE). Your rug will be clean, fresh, and ready to use in just hours. HCE does not require the use of as much water or detergents to clean carpets. There are many stain removing options, as well as a package that will protect your rug against future stains.


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