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Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

Feb 14

Steam Cleaning vs Hot Water Extraction

There are many ways to clean carpets. However, steaming is still one of the most efficient methods of cleaning carpets.

We believe there is a common misconception about carpet cleaning. This article will clarify this and help you find the best carpet cleaning service.

You as a customer need to know.

I've seen Henderson, NV carpet cleaning firms refer to hot water extraction as steaming cleaning. It seems like they are the same thing. Let me assure you, it's not.

I believe that steam cleaning is a newer method than hot water extraction, shampoo, or dry cleaning. In fact, steam is the most recent of all these methods.

Hot water extraction can be considered an "old school” method of carpet cleaning. Although it has been around for around 50 years, this doesn't necessarily make it the best.

The most difficult method for steam cleaning is also one of the most expensive.

Machines that reach steam temperatures require powerful motors as well as complex parts. This makes them difficult to maintain and costly to manufacture and assemble.

It is easier to build machines without it which means that cleaning results are inferior.

Difference between Steam Cleaning & Hot Water Extraction

The name will tell you what type of water is used to clean carpets. But, how do you know the difference between steam and hot water?

The processes of steam cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning are very similar.

The water is heated to a certain temperature in a cleaning machine. Water and a cleaning solution are then injected into the carpet with a carpet wand.

You will need a powerful motor as well as a vacuum to complete the task.

While hot water extraction cleaning must not exceed 210 degrees, steam can reach as high as 250-300 degrees. As such, it is possible to use more sophisticated equipment to steam clean.

It is important to remember that steam cleaning carpet doesn't require any detergents. All kinds of dirt can be released by steam cleaning carpet fibers.

Hot water extraction however requires an additional cleaning agent.

What is the best type of carpet for me? Do you prefer hot or steam water?

The use of detergents is one of many disadvantages of hot-water extraction. Detergents are extremely damaging to the carpet. They can leave residue on carpet piles and between carpet fibers. The same detergent residue that can damage fabric can also be found on carpeting.

Carpet cleaning with steam is the best.

It is the best method for soil and waste removal. It is often called "deep cleaning".

The most common method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, as people are becoming more environmentally conscious. This brings us to the current question: What care is best for my carpet? And my health?

People are becoming more concerned about carpeting's use of chemicals and detergents. Steam Cleaning can be described as an eco-friendly alternative to carpet cleaning.

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