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What is the best dry cleaning method?

Feb 14

What is the best dry cleaning method?

Did you know that dry-cleaning is the best way for carpet fiber to be cleaned?

The dry-cleaning process is very efficient for nylon and synthetic carpets.

These are the facts about carpet dry cleaning:

The carpet dry-cleaning process is simple. The carpet absorbs dirt from the floor and can then be vacuumed.

The dry foam is low in moisture and can dry the carpet faster. Many people choose dry cleaning.

Carpet drying can be done in as little as 2 hours despite it getting wet. This is something carpet cleaning methods cannot do.

How does dry cleaning natural-fiber rugs work

Natural materials like sisal, wool, jute, and sisal are sensitive, so they can't be exposed to steam heat or saturated. Natural fiber rugs can get stained by dyes in the underneath layer.

Fine rugs will often have the following statement on their tag: "dry Cleaning Only"

Dry cleaning nylon carpet has its advantages

But can dry cleaning be used for synthetic carpets just like it is for natural fiber or rugs?

I must state: No.

First, natural fiber rugs cannot be used in an area with heavy traffic.

Dry cleaning cannot clean down deep into carpeting. This is because pet hair and other dirt can build up.

Some compound residues can remain after dry cleaning. This could lead to dust buildup.

What is best for cleaning synthetic carpets and rugs

Carpet steam cleaning is my preferred method of cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting.

It is the most efficient method for cleaning carpets.

It is widely known for its benefits as "deep cleansing", "hypoallergenic", and pure steam that does not require harmful chemicals.

The high temperatures and pressure of steam can remove heavy buildup from carpet, tile, rug, and fabric.

For proper maintenance, be sure to always read the tag of your favorite carpet and/or rug.

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