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How Much Does a Maid Cost in Portland?

Mar 9

What Does Portland's Maid Service Cost?


Portland is a great place to live, and it's not just in the US. High living costs often offset the high quality of life in Portland.


The median home price in Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue is almost twice the cost of the rest. Groceries, transportation, and housing costs are all high. So while the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area remains a great place to live and work, it is by no means a place you can get by "on the cheap."


The potential cost of professional cleaning services in Portland can seem prohibitive for some families. We'll show you how to get a professional maid service for your Portland apartment or home.

Why a Maid is Necessary in the First Place?


The world is busy. If you live in Portland, Oregon, there are many things to do indoors and outdoors. To maximize your time and work, you might consider hiring a housekeeper, maid, or cleaning service. This is a great way to keep your home clean and tidy while also saving time and energy to do the things you enjoy.


A maid is an excellent way to preserve your home's worth and avoid costly repairs and cleaning expenses. It's crucial to protect your investment and keep it clean. The average Portland home sells for almost a quarter of a million dollars. Mold, mildew, and rot can cause severe damage to your home or cost you a lot of money.


A maid service in Portland can help you protect your investment, clean your home, and, most importantly, free up your time!

Understanding the Factors That Influence Cost


Before you hire a maid or cleaning service, it is essential to understand the costs involved. We'll explain exactly what you are paying for to help you get a better understanding of the value NW Maids can offer.


Different Types of Cleaning Companies


There are many types of cleaning companies. Independent cleaners, also known as contractors, are individuals or groups that work for clients individually. They can often negotiate their services more efficiently than corporate cleaning companies because they have the final say on pricing. They might not have the security, licensing, and insurance that homeowners want.


However, most established cleaning companies do. These companies tend to have more experienced and better-equipped staff to perform more jobs at different times of the day. All of this comes at a cost to the customer. You'll also lose the "personal touch" of getting acquainted with your maid and making sure they are up to speed on everything in your home.



Different cleaning companies provide different levels of security, as we have already stated. You might not be able to verify the background of all the individuals who will be entering your home with one contractor. The appropriate insurance might not cover you and their workers. Even though sporadic incidents, many Portland residents would rather have a well-vetted cleaning crew.


Larger companies almost always have to be licensed, bonded, and insured against theft, damage, and injury. You don't have to worry about your jewelry being stolen. A maid may slip down the stairs, and you could be sued for negligence. Although this is a possibility, many homeowners have peace of mind by working with large companies.




What are your options if an independent contractor makes mistakes, overcharges, or fails to deliver the service promised? In most cases, the person who provided the poor service is the owner/operator of the company. There is nothing you can do if they are unprofessional.


Large companies often have a customer support team to call to get assistance or report a problem. This doesn't mean you don't need to worry about bad customer service. However, it can give you some security and protection.

The type (and frequency) of service


A five-bedroom house and a two-bedroom apartment can be cleaned for the same price. You can't expect to pay the same amount for both a touch-up and a complete-move-out deep cleaning. Whether independent or corporate, many cleaning companies offer discounts for repeat, frequent work.


Before you even pay for your service, all of these factors are included in the cost. If you need your refrigerator, oven, and cabinets detailed, you will pay more than someone who needs their floors mopped and a light dusting. Before comparing and contrasting different quotes, make sure you consider the type of service you need and how often.

You need to know that all the information listed above is included when you contact cleaning companies to get a price quote. While it is always nice to score a great deal, remember that these deals may come at the expense of professionalism, security, frequency, and cleaning options.


You can't assume that more prominent companies will be free from problems. They can lose some customers because they have larger teams and more service areas. This won't affect their reputation.

NW Maids Can Help You Solve Your Cleaning Company Problems


We have extensive industry experience and can solve all the above problems. Take, for example:




Independent cleaning companies and larger regional businesses know Portland is more expensive than Renton, Kent, Lynwood, or Lynwood. This means that they will often increase their prices for those living in the metropolitan area, regardless of the company.


NW Maids provides Flat Rate Pricing throughout the Pacific Northwest to solve this problem. We offer a fair and affordable price regardless of where your property is located. Our flat-rate pricing can be customized as an additional bonus. You only pay for what you choose.


Professionalism and security


Northwest Maids is a referral company for maid services. This makes us unique. We evaluate each customer according to their location and needs, then send an affiliate company out to complete the job. We have curated partnerships with the top local cleaning companies in Oregon Washington. You can be sure that you will receive the professional service you expect.


We are fully licensed and bonded, so we can offer the security that our clients need and the support they require. We only work with the finest cleaning companies in the Pacific Northwest. NW Maids ensures that you have worry-free and hassle-free service from small and large companies.


Type and Frequency of Service


Our flat-rate pricing was created to save customers time, money, stress, and effort. Select how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, and choose the service type. Then, you can choose the add-ons and the frequency that you would like the service provided. Our automated booking system automatically calculates the cost. There is no price gouging. No hidden fees.


We start with an excellent standard cleaning package.


A basic package of services is included in the NW Maids affiliate's contract. This will ensure that your home stays clean, safe, and spick-and-span. This includes floor cleaning, garbage removal, and polishing your bathrooms, bedrooms, or living areas. All countertops are polished in the kitchen, and all glassware is removed from the sink. You will be able to return home with a sparkling, beautiful space without the need to search for your things!

After that, you can customize your service with add-ons.


NW Maids believes that you should only pay what you need. You can request something extra by selecting it on our booking page, and we will automatically add it to the price. Examples include:

  • Deep Cleaning ($65) - With our deep cleaning service, we go under, behind, and on top of every surface that we can find. We eliminate trapped germs and dust wherever they may be hiding.


  • Fridge Cleaning ($25) - We go into your fridge and clean up any spillages or stains, and then we put everything back to where it was.


  • Oven Cleaning ($25). Even self-cleaning ovens can benefit from a deep clean now and again. Our oven cleaning products are top-quality to keep your oven free of grease and smoke.


  • Interior Windows ($65). We can clean every interior window in your home for a small fee.


  • Cabinet Cleaning ($25) - Remove all items before we arrive, and our NW Maids can make your cabinets look new when you return home.


  • Basement Cleaning ($80) - Basements can be a breeding ground for mildew and dust. Our teams can remove those problems before they become serious. We also give your floors, walls, and windows a thorough clean.


  • Laundry services ($25) – We will wash and dry your clothes, towels, and linens for you at home when you return.


  • Moving In/Out Cleaning ($175): Let us handle the heavy lifting and do all the hard work. Your home will be ready for the new owners or you in no time.

Remain a Repeat Customer to Save


A customer who returns is the most valuable thing for a business. That's why NW Maids offers excellent incentives to customers who return often. Take this example:


We offer a (10% Discount) - if you agree to clean your home once per month.


2x per Month (15% Discount) - This service will prevent the buildup of bacteria and mildew and save you 15%.


Weekly Cleaning (20% Discount) - Choose weekly cleanings to get a massive frequent flyer discount. You won't find a better way to protect your investment than weekly cleanings.

Professional Cleaning of Your Home


How much does a maid in Portland cost? It all depends. That's a good thing. A company that tries to tell customers how much a cleaning service will cost without knowing your needs, the size of your home, and any special requirements you have, is likely to charge you too much or provide poor service. A cleaning company should cater to your needs, so you don't pay more or get less.


NW Maids is dedicated to providing reliable, affordable home cleaning in the Pacific Northwest. We only work with the best maid services in Washington, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. Our ultimate goal? Our ultimate goal is to let you know how professional Cleaning can transform your home and life.


Call NW Maids if you are ready to take on the professional cleaning responsibility. NW Maids is that team.

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