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Concrete Stairs In Phoenix AZ

Apr 7

Concrete Stairs or Steel Stairs? Which one is best?

Stairs are an important feature in any multi-level structure. The design of the staircase is important as well as the choice of materials for construction.

Stairs can be made from other materials, such as wood or stone, but concrete and steel are the most common for the construction of commercial and industrial stairs. This article will discuss the differences and similarities between steel and concrete stairs.

What's the difference between concrete and steel stairs?

Concrete stairs are made from different materials. Concrete stairs are made mostly from concrete, while steel stairs are made primarily of steel. Both materials offer different benefits and costs for different applications. Concrete stairs are more rigid and heavy than steel stairs. They are also lighter, stronger, and easier to design.

  • Steel is an alloy made of iron, carbon, and other materials. To prevent corrosion, the steel used for staircases is usually galvanized with a zinc coating that lasts for a long time. For construction, stainless steel is also used, as it is naturally resistant to corrosion.
  • Concrete consists of three components: water and aggregate (rock, gravel, or sand), as well as powdered cement. When mixed with water and aggregate, the cement acts as a binding agent. Concrete will harden when it is poured.


There are other differences between concrete and steel stairs. These include where they are most commonly found and what types of stairs they are used for.

  • Steel stairs are very popular indoors in homes, offices, and other industrial settings. You can also use steel to make outdoor stairs, particularly if it is galvanized or stainless. Steel is popular for making mezzanine, crossover, and alternating tread stairs in industrial settings. It can also be used for spiral staircases in residential and commercial buildings.
  • Concrete stairs In Phoenix AZ are very popular for outdoor use, but they can also be used to support stairs in commercial or residential buildings that have been covered with other materials. Concrete is used for basic stairs such as L-shaped or straight stairs.

Concrete stairs vs steel stairs comparison

1. Concrete stairs vs. steel stairs strength and durability


Concrete and steel stairs can be strong and long-lasting. Each type of stair comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, depending on its environment.

Staircases can be made from steel because it is the strongest material available. Steel stairs are strong and can withstand tension. Galvanizing steel to resist corrosion improves its durability, particularly in harsh outdoor environments. Steel can withstand the excessive weight and is nearly five times stronger than concrete. A steel staircase can be constructed with less material than concrete and is more durable than one made from concrete.

Concrete is strong in compression, so it can withstand being pushed together. Concrete does not have the same tensile strength as steel. Concrete staircases may be constructed with hidden metal reinforcing or rebar bars. Concrete stairs are strong enough to withstand high impacts and heavy loads. They also resist rusting in wet conditions.

2. Concrete stairs vs steel stairs: Which is more difficult to maintain?

Concrete and steel stairs can be maintained in a similar way. Steel stairs are very easy to maintain. Galvanizing outdoor steel staircases will prevent rusting or corrosion. You can clean them with a pressure washer. To avoid damage to the powder-coated steel, you might use a sponge or mop to clean it. You can clean indoor steel stairs like mezzanine stairways by using mild detergent and sweeping or mopping.


Concrete stairs can be used in the same way as metal stairs but they are also very low-maintenance. To remove dirt, indoor concrete stairs can be simply mopped. You can pressure wash outdoor concrete stairs to remove dirt and other buildups without causing damage to it.


Concrete stairs, or steel stairs with concrete treads, can be advantageous in certain situations. Concrete is fire-resistant, so it might be a good choice to make fire escape stairwells. Concrete stairs can be used to soundproof and reduce heating costs because it is heat and noise absorbent.


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