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Apr 9

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Our Service Agreements are a benefit to thousands of San Diego residents. Customers find that a Service Agreement with HVAC Contractors San Diego provides them peace of mind, knowing that they won't be affected by any breakdowns.

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Invasion of the Dust Mites: A Horror Story

We are sorry to inform you that dust mites can cause severe allergic reactions. They're all over your home.

HVAC Contractors San Diego doesn't like to be afraid of mongers. But you should know that just your bed could contain as many as 10 million dust mites. These mites feed on the dead skin cells that you shed each night. We don't like to share the bad news. Each of those ten million dust mites excretes twenty droppings per day. One week of dust mite activity in your bedroom alone can mean that you are inhaling and sleeping on 1,400,000,000 dust mite patties. This is the most allergenic part of the dustmite.

How do you get rid of these little creatures? You can't. Dust mites are a sad fact of human life and will not go away. To alleviate allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems, you can greatly reduce the number of dust mites living in your home. Follow our...

A Simple Guide to Killing Large Numbers of Dust Mites

You want to get rid of as many dust mites as possible. Dust mites, dust. Dust, dust mites. Do you see the connection? Dust is made up of 50 million skin cells that you shed each day. That's more than a buffet at a Vegas casino for your dust mite friends. This is the best way to eliminate dust and dust mites from your home.

  • Dust your home at least twice per week. Dust with an electrostatic, microfiber, or damp cloth. This will actually collect the dust and not just move it around. But don't use dusting solutions. While they may make your wood shine, the chemicals in them aren't as good for your lungs as dust mite poo.
  • After you dust, vacuum. A HEPA filter is a filter that filters the air before it reaches the exhaust.
  • Turn the thermostat fan ON while you are vacuuming. This will allow your A/C fan to capture any pollutants that have been released during vacuuming.
  • When it comes to filters, make sure you choose the best quality pleated filter your cooling system can accommodate. Generally, this will be a MERV12 filter that traps over 90% of dust mites in the air.
  • Clear out clutter Dust mites are attracted to clutter. Get rid of the clutter, get rid of the clothes piles, and make your home as clutter-free as possible.
  • To kill dust mites, wash your bedding once a week in hot water. After it has been washed, vacuum the mattress and then pound the pillow outside.
  • To stop the riffraff from getting into your pillows and mattress, invest in mite-proof pillow covers and a mite-proof mattress cover.
  • Maintain a humidity level of between 30 and 50 percent in your home. It can be difficult to maintain a comfortable humidity level in San Diego because of the high outdoor humidity. However, strategically placed dehumidifiers and whole-house humidifiers, which are built into your HVAC system, can help. High humidity is where dust mites thrive, but they can't reproduce as quickly or last as long in lower humidity.

90% of your time is spent indoors and a lot of it at home. You can take care of your health and overall well-being by taking care of the air that you inhale. HVAC Contractors San Diego has a mission to ensure that San Diego and the surrounding communities have high-quality indoor air. It's not about keeping cool; it's about staying healthy.

Contact us in San Diego or greater California today to learn how we can help to get rid of mites and other allergens so you can breathe clean, fresh air.


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