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May 19

DIY Dry Cleaning: The Dangers

You may have noticed dry cleaning kits that you can make yourself at home popping up in retail stores across the country. These kits claim to take care of your dry cleaning from the convenience of your own home. Although the marketing might make you think about DIY dry cleaning, don't rush to do so. DIY dry cleaning may not be all it seems.

There are risks to consider before you attempt to dry clean your clothes yourself. You'll see that dry cleaning services are better than drying your clothes yourself.

Fabrics can be damaged by DIY dry cleaning

Dry-cleaning only garments require special care. Do-it-yourself dry cleaning products are not gentle for all fabrics. Dry cleaning clothes by yourself can cause damage to the fabric and make it difficult for you to keep items you love. This is a huge risk, so it's best to hire professional dry cleaning services.

Fabric may shrink

Dry cleaning services don't shrink your clothes. Best dry cleaners in Arlington VA are trained to maintain the fabric in top condition. This is not always the case with DIY dry cleaning products. Many have complained that their clothes shrank after dry cleaning at home.

Your garments won't fit correctly if they shrink. They may not fit properly. This can be avoided by hiring a professional to do the job instead of trying to do it yourself.

Headaches and migraines can be triggered by strong smells

Dry-cleaning professionals leave clothes clean and fresh without leaving behind strong odors. Do-it-yourself dry cleaning products have a bad reputation for leaving behind strong odors. It is unpleasant for all, but more so for those who are prone to headaches or migraines.

People who are sensitive to strong fragrances may get migraines. If you fall into this category, you might get a migraine each time your clothes are dry cleaned at home. Even if you don’t have migraines, strong perfumes can cause headaches. This is not worth the risk when you have dry cleaning services that can deliver your clothes.

The fabric might still have body odors

Imagine putting on a newly dry cleaned garment only to discover that it smells like body odor. Unfortunately, many people have to deal with this after using DIY dry cleaners. These kits can be effective in freshening up clothes to a certain extent, but they can also leave behind bad odors. These can include musty odors or the

The underarms are prone to sweaty smells. This can make it very embarrassing to have to take the garment off. Dry cleaning services can remove any lingering odors. When you dry clean your clothes professionally, there is no need to be concerned about people noticing the bad smell.

Stains can set into fabric

Some stains can be removed by dry cleaning at home. They are not able to remove oil-based or difficult-to-treat stain types. Dry cleaning stained clothes at home can cause the oil and grime to set in the fabric making it more difficult to remove. Dry cleaning is a great way to make sure that the stains have been professionally removed.


Even stains can be left on garments that have been previously cleaned with DIY dry cleaning. Some people complete the process at home only to discover dark stains. Some people have succeeded in removing the stains while others were forced to throw out the garments. This is not a good idea if you love dry-cleaning only clothes.

Dry cleaning clothes at home can lead to a waste of money when you need to replace clothing.

Damage Embellishments

Dry cleaners are trained to care for fabrics that have embellishments. A mistake can cause damage to the embellishments and ruin the garment. They take extra care to make sure that garments are clean after each use. You run the risk of damaging embellished clothes if you use a DIY dry cleaner.

You may have to replace the embellishments. Send your clothes to dry cleaning services instead of spending money on repairs. This will ensure that your clothes are properly cleaned and save you money over time.


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