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Carpet Steam Cleaning: Is It Worth It?

May 25

Are you wondering if your search for the best "Napa carpet cleaning" is worth your time and money? Let me tell you, carpet steam cleaning is an efficient way to maintain your space’s cleanliness. It is one way to clean stubborn pet hair, dirty stains, and bacteria-infested carpets. In short, you can bring a lifeless carpet back to life.

Steam cleaning is worth it because you can effectively remove dirt and clean old carpets. It works by applying moisture to your carpet to eliminate unwanted stains and dirt. But it is not as moist as using shampoos or any kind of soap.

Today, we will help you understand the true essence of carpet steam cleaning. You will find out its purpose, characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, and whether it is worth investing in or not. 

What Is Carpet Steam Cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning is the efficient use of moisture in removing stains, dirt, and accumulated dust on the carpet. It is a water-based technique of cleaning your carpet, which could be more effective than dry cleaning. The steam that comes out contains detergent activated, which cleans the carpet fibers.

How To Use Carpet A Steam Cleaner?

Did you know that even dry carpet cleaning companies still use a tiny bit of moisture in their services? It is a proof of the effectiveness of steam cleaning. To help you out, we came up with tips on how to use a carpet steam cleaner!

Tip #1 - Vacuum The Carpet Before Using The Steam Cleaner

A common misconception about carpet steam cleaner is that it is a vacuum - but it is not. Instead, it aims to emit moisture as a method to extract grime from your carpet. So, it is best to use the vacuum on your carpet as a rule of thumb before using your steam cleaner. It will help your carpet steam cleaning San Jose do a thorough cleaning job. You could avoid having lumps of dirt in your carpet fibers after it dries.

Tip #2 - Treat Pre-Existing Stains Before Using Your Steam Cleaner

Carpet steam cleaning can remove a lot of grime and dust. However, it also produces heat that could make carpet stains even harder to remove. It is because the cleaning process of steam cleaner forces grime and dirt into the carpet pad. As a result, the carpet fibers have wicked it right out the place and back to its surface area.

Tip #3 - Operate The Steam Cleaner Correctly

Most carpet steam cleaning tools have designs that lay down water whenever users are pushing the machine forward. Likewise, they extract excess water whenever it is pulled backward. It is crucial to pull the machine slowly to remove as much moisture as possible. 


If you leave too much water in the carpet, the soaked padding could lead to molds, mildews, and even pungent odors. It would be best to steam clean your carpet whenever the weather is warm and sunny enough. Sunny weather will speed up the drying process to minimize the chance of excessive soaking. 

How Often Should You Steam Clean Your Carpet?

You need to steam clean your carpet at least twice a year to maintain the luster of your living or bedroom carpet. However, homes with pets and people who suffer from allergies should steam clean their carpets every season, which is four times per year.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Is Worth Trying

Carpet steam cleaning does not require any form of professional equipment. Likewise, it does not pose any toxic threats that dry chemical carpet cleaning is often associated with. However, it is still essential to understand that there is water involved in the cleaning process. 

The water only means that it would take longer for your carpet to air-dry. Still, the wait is worth every second because it provides an excellent cleaning service. Are you still undecided? Don’t worry because we will help you identify the perfect carpet steam cleaning San Jose for you!

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