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Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Avoid Worry

Jul 29

Bathroom Cleaning

Although it may not be an exciting topic, bathroom cleaning is something many people worry about. There always seem to be something that needs to be cleaned in our house with 5 people and 4 bathrooms. Today, I want to share some simple tips to make your bathroom more enjoyable and reduce cleaning time.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Once upon a while, I tried to organize a "bathroom cleaning" day once a week in order to clean all four bathrooms. It was difficult to keep up with work, family responsibilities, as well as trying to reach all four bathrooms. To be honest, it was a miracle that I made it through even half of them. I made some changes in my bathroom  cleaning process to try to simplify it as much as possible. This plan makes it much easier to maintain and is less daunting than our current bathroom cleaning routine. These are my top tips for bathroom cleaning to cut down on time.


Simpler cleaning products.

Many years ago, my cleaning supplies cupboard was revamped. I was shocked at how many cleaning products I had. I decided to eliminate as many as possible, especially those that contained harsh chemicals. 

If I am doing a deep clean, I may need to have a few more cleaning supplies, but those are rare if you keep up with your regular cleaning.

Organise your cleaning supplies.

It's much easier to clean the bathrooms when they are stocked with basic cleaning supplies. You'll be able to quickly clean up any mess you find. All of our cleaning supplies, along with extra bathroom necessities, are stored under the sink in pull out acrylic bins. It makes it easy to find everything and allows me to see what I have to replenish.

Keep your surroundings clean wherever you go.

It's a great way to cut down on bathroom cleaning time by getting into the habit of cleaning little bits as you go. It's easy to clean the sink and wipe off toothpaste splatters from the mirror if you have all your cleaning supplies at hand. You can also use the quick wipe of the cleaning cloth to clean the toilet bowl. You can reduce the time and effort required to clean up small messes in your bathroom. It's much easier to clean for a few minutes each day than it is to spend a whole day cleaning.

Make sure you choose easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures

Maintaining new bathroom fixtures like a vanity or toilet requires time and effort. A few times I've chosen function over aesthetic. I've chosen aesthetic over function a few times. Quartz countertops are an excellent choice, and they still have a high-end, beautiful appearance, so choosing easy-to-clean bathroom fixtures and accessories is a priority. So choosing simple-to-clean accessories and bathroom fixtures is always a priority. Water and stains cannot penetrate quartz, and it resists scratches and cuts. As well as being easy to clean, it is also easy to maintain. It is best to choose smoother porcelain, ceramic tiles, and high-quality vinyl flooring when it comes to low-maintenance flooring.

The perfect toilet for you if you are looking for a sleek, beautiful and easy-to-clean one. We had just completed our powderroom makeover six years ago. I was so excited to see this new toilet! This Studio(r), Touchless Right Height Elongated Toile Toilet by American Standard is the best toilet we have ever used in our home.

This toilet is not only stylish but also has many great features that make it easy to clean.

Although we have never used a toilet with hidden trapways before, it is a game-changer in cleaning. It's much easier and quicker to clean the smooth sides than to try to reach all of the little nooks. All you need to do is a quick wipe down. The concealed trapway is a more elegant and simple design than the exposed trapways.

EverClean(r), Technology

American Standard's Everclean(r) Technology is a glaze with a double-coated coating that's integrated into the surface on the Studio(r), Touchless toilets and other American Standard fixtures. It helps to prevent the growth of stain, odor-causing bacteria and mold, and also makes the surface last longer after cleaning. It does all the cleaning! This is a great idea if you have boys in your house. lol!

Reduce clutter

Although I love adding a few decorative items to our bathrooms, it is easier to clean up the counters and dust off the counters. Keep the essentials, such as hand soap, on the counter with a few simple decorations. This will make cleaning easier.

To organize items, use trays and bins.

Bins and trays can be used to organize similar items. This not only reduces visual clutter but also makes it easy to clean. You don't have to take everything off the tray. All you need to do is move the tray around to clean the counters.

These bathroom cleaning tips are as useful to you as they are to me. Although it may take some time to get everything set up, once you are done, it will be worth it. There are many other things you can do with your time that are more rewarding than cleaning the toilet.

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