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Whom to contact to complete my basement?

Nov 20

 Although you don't really need an extra room, it's a great idea. It will increase the value of your house or provide additional space where you, your family, and your friends can get together. It is important to identify who can help with the remodeling of your basement. This guide is where it comes to help. Keep reading to find out.


Consult a professional if you have a basement that is not fully finished or you are building a brand new home. Designers need to know your needs and inspiration for photographs. You are welcome to discuss the project in as much detail as possible. The designer will conduct a walkthrough with the contractor or project manager, and then create a plan or guide of where everything should go. The designer will also talk about the materials you'll need and any additional features you may want and will also provide you with additional features. Valor employs a designer to handle all major renovations and remodels.

Remodel Company

Once the design is complete and you are happy with the design, we suggest working with a home remodel or improvement company. A lot of companies, like Valor, will have designers. However, you should inquire with the business to determine if they do. Find a designer and then get in touch with the team that is responsible for renovating the room. The remodeling or contractor will then remodel the room as per the plan. This part of the process is dependent on the time of completion, however, most basement renovations last around two weeks.

Interior Decorator

After the remodeling comes the exciting part: decorating. Many homeowners are content decorating their basements by themselves however, you can hire an interior designer or decorator if you want to elevate your space to a higher level. The designer will gather details regarding you, like your budget, themes, and color preferences. Designers will go to work decorating your basement.


You do not have to look far for the most relaxing basement finishing service in your area. Valor has your back! We've been in the business for over 25 years and have a staff of experts who have the knowledge and expertise to remodel your basement. Our Facebook and website provide information about past client reviews, images of our projects, deals, and more. Contact us today if you're looking to set up an appointment.



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