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Which Careers Benefit the Most

Nov 29

If you're a business professional seeking to broaden your networking opportunities, BNI may be the ideal option for you. BNI is a group that consists of professionals and entrepreneurs who get together once a week to exchange referrals and network. If you are working in a profession that relies on services, BNI can be an excellent way to connect with other professionals from your region. BNI is not a good option for e-commerce businesses, restaurants, and retail shops. If you're not sure whether or not BNI is the right choice for you, continue reading to learn more about the professionals can gain by joining this group networking.

What types of businesses do well in BNI

BNI is a good location to work for accountants, lawyers, and realtors. They offer services other companies can benefit from and often have a huge pool of clients they could draw from. BNI is a fantastic opportunity for professionals to connect with people in the same area and develop long-lasting business connections.

What kinds of businesses are not suitable for BNI?

BNI isn't the best location for businesses that sell e-commerce such as restaurants or other businesses with retail shops. They are transactional businesses and do not offer any other services that other businesses could use. If you're in one of these industries you might want to stay clear of BNI and focus on other networking opportunities.

How to maximize the value of BNI

If you choose to join BNI There are some things you can do to make the most out of the experience. First, ensure that you attend every meeting and be prepared to connect with other members. Make sure you participate and provide your services (but not sell) to other attendees at the meetings. Follow up on any leads or referrals that you receive from BNI. This is the most effective way to make the most of your membership as well as build long-lasting business relationships. These are only a few of the basic tips.

Visit Other BNI Groups

BNI invites you to visit other chapters. There are hundreds of potential sources of referrals from other organizations in Illinois. They will be listed via the BNI portal, so you can contact them via either email or telephone. The best thing about BNI is that any potential referral source is willing to network, regardless of whether they're members of a different group. Why are BNI members so supportive? Because everyone believes in BNI’s motto.

BNI's Motto: Giver's Gain!


Make a New Circle of Strong Friends

Many people don't have ancestors who were entrepreneurs. In fact, many acquaintances won't have your interest when it comes to building a business because they struggle with anxiety.

BNI is a group of people who have been in the business industry for many years. You might even befriend someone who later becomes a mentor. For instance, I switched companies for accounts and started using the BNI accountant in my group. It's great having conversations about taxes, depreciation, and marketing with my colleagues. All this over lunch and you write it off in your taxes! You won't be able to have a conversation with family members or friends from your childhood like you do with other business owners.

Getting Over Fear

People are scared to present themselves in front of groups. You'll see huge, slender men sporting beards that look male get anxious to speak before a group of individuals, while others are built to speak in front of crowds. It's wonderful to witness people overcome their fears of speaking in front of audiences. It's a useful skill, especially when selling your services.

You'll be able to provide your services to the group at least every couple of months for about 8-10 minutes.



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