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How often should house cleaning be done?

Mar 14

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Finding a good reliable house cleaning service is essential for keeping your home looking its best, which is why you need A &A Cleaning Services. We are the top-rated house cleaning company in the Sonoma county area. We understand that many homeowners want to know how often they should have their homes professionally cleaned, so in this blog post we’ll discuss some tips on determining how frequently your home needs to be professionally cleaned while also offering up some knowledge about why regular cleaning is something you need in your life! 

Introducing A&A Cleaning – the best house cleaning company in Santa Rosa, CA

A&A Cleaning is the premier cleaning service in Santa Rosa, CA. We provide superior cleaning services for your home at an affordable price. All our staff are dedicated to providing you with top-notch cleaning house services, and we exclusively use environmentally-friendly products to ensure your house is clean. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Santa Rosa, CA, look no further than A&A Cleaning – we guarantee that your home will be sparkling clean after our team is done!


Benefits of routine house cleaning

At A&A Cleaning, our home cleaning services focus on more than just tidying up the home. We offer deep cleaning services to enhance the home environment for our valued customers. Our professional cleaning staff takes a comprehensive approach to home sanitation and works with each client to understand their specific needs so that we can customize our services accordingly. Our routine house cleaning provides many long-term benefits, like improved indoor air quality, lower risk of bacteria/germs, and a home environment free from dust mites and other allergens. With regular home cleanings from A &A Cleaning, you can keep your home looking its best for years!


Different frequencies of house cleaning

At A&A Cleaning, we offer recurring cleaning services for our customers in Santa Rosa, CA. We understand how important it is to keep a clean home and know that everyone has different preferences. That's why we provide weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning options—allowing you to schedule your one-time cleaning or recurring cleanings as often as you need. Bring us in as often as you'd like– each routine visit includes a thorough cleaning process customized to your needs from top to bottom. 


  1. Monthly House Cleaning

If you're looking for routine house cleaning, look no further than A &A Cleaning. We provide monthly house cleaning services at an affordable price. Our monthly house cleaning cost is very competitive, and we provide reliable service for residential and commercial clients every month all over the Sonoma county area. We go above and beyond to ensure that all our monthly customers are cared for with the best customer service and attention to detail. Contact us today to learn more about our monthly house cleaning services!


  1. Bi-Monthly House Cleaning

A &A Cleaning is proud to be Santa Rosa, CA's premier bi-monthly cleaning service. Our bi-monthly cleaning service allows you to book our quality house cleaning services bi-weekly or bi-monthly easily. With our bi-monthly service, we provide high-quality and detailed cleaning for every corner of your home, no matter if it’s biweekly or bi-monthly. We meticulously examine each area and clean it with the most advanced techniques, ensuring your house gets the TLC it deserves, whether bi-weekly or bi-monthly. A &A Cleaning provides the best professional housekeeping services in the Sonoma County area!


  1. Quarterly House Cleaning

At A &A Cleaning, we understand that quarterly cleanings can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy home. That’s why we proudly offer our Santa Rosa, CA clients quarterly cleaning services. Our quarterly cleaning packages are designed to give your home the care and attention it deserves. With our quarterly service package, you can expect the same high-quality results as our more extensive cleaning jobs, with just the correct detail for a quick go-over between bigger cleans.

We look forward to helping make your home look and feel its absolute best quarterly!


Tips for maintaining your home between professional cleanings

At A & A Cleaning, we understand that consistently keeping your home spick-and-span is a never-ending battle. Coming home to a clean apartment between work, family life, and day-to-day activities can be challenging. That's why our professional cleaning service is here to help! While having a professional do apartment cleaning occasionally is the best way for you to have a completely spotless apartment, there are certain things you can do between cleanings to maintain a tidy house. Dedicating just 15 minutes daily can add up to having your apartment look sheen in no time! Take some time in the morning or evening - vacuum carpets and rugs, dust shelves and surfaces, and tackle any other small projects that need to be done around the house. With these tips from A & A Cleaning, you'll have 5 days of a sparkling clean apartment before you even need our services again!


Making sure you’re choosing the right house cleaner for you and your family

If you’re looking for house cleaners near me, you want a company that will be reliable, trustworthy, and efficient. At A &A Cleaning, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with top-quality home cleaning services you can depend on to make your house feel like new again. And when it comes to house cleaning services, quality matters! We understand that it’s vital for our clients to have peace of mind knowing that their house is clean and in safe hands. So if you need house cleaners near me that are reliable, experienced, and dedicated to providing excellent service each time – choose A &A Cleaning – the best house cleaning company in Santa Rosa, CA.


Contact A&A Cleaning to schedule your next home cleaning session!

At A&A Cleaning, we take house cleaning services to the next level. As the best house cleaning company in Santa Rosa, we are dedicated to ensuring your house is left sparkling clean - every time! Our experienced house cleaning team knows all of your home's nooks and crannies and ensures that each house cleaning session leaves you feeling refreshed. With competitive rates, flexible scheduling availability, and easy contact methods, why not make your house sparkle like no other contact A&A Cleaning today to book your next house cleaning service near you!



A&A Cleaning understands the importance of providing a clean and healthy atmosphere for your family and yourself. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve all of Santa Rosa, CA, and beyond! Professional House cleaning can work wonders in keeping your home clean and organized while saving you time. With A&A Cleaning, you can have your home cleaned as much or as little as your schedule allows. Whether you’re looking for one-time deep clean, monthly maintenance cleanings, bi-monthly appointments, or quarterly touch-ups – we are here to provide a unique service tailored especially for you! Plus, don’t forget our top tips on keeping your home tidy between those professional cleaning sessions. When it comes time to choose a house cleaner, make sure you do your research and select the company that best meets all of your needs. Let us at A&A Cleaning make your house cleaning needs more effortless than ever! Call today for a quote, and together we can create a beautiful space for years to come.